Many thanks for researching my Grandpa’s First World War record. You gave a comprehensive and impressive report and had obviously done a lot of research. I learned a lot of new information about him. Keep up the good work.

IT, Dunfermline

What you sent me down started up my interest again ….. You are running a good service.

AQ, Sunderland

Thank you for the family history results …. which made good reading. I am very pleased that I now know what happened to ET. I had never thought that she would end up in Australia. I have another ‘brick wall’ which I would like researched.

AM, Kirkcaldy

Many thanks indeed for your e-mail and report on your findings, we are currently digesting all the information you have given us …. Research into our family history will continue and my wife and I will certainly come back to you if we come across any more Scottish connections in the future.

PS, Dorchester

Thank you for your recent letter and report. You have certainly delved deeply in endeavouring to uncover my family roots. Thank you for your good work on my behalf.

WA, Suffolk

Hi Jacqueline. I appreciate your efforts to find the death certificate of my great-grandfather. Maybe at a later date you may be able to assist me further.

ST, Cheshire

Hi Jacqueline. I would like to thank you for the work you did. It was appreciated. Thank you very much for your time.

HR, England

Hi Jacqueline … great report.

FM, Cupar, Scotland

Thanks Jacqueline, it was an interesting read.


I have certainly enjoyed reading your ancestral research ……. Thanks again for undertaking this investigation for us. It will be interesting to see where this investigation leads, and it will be an invaluable resource and reference for the future.

MC, New Jersey, USA