My First Foray into the Scottish 1921 Census

In my first foray into the 1921 Scotland census I’ found both of my grandfathers with their families very quickly.

Pictured are both of my grandfathers’ fathers: One great-grandfather has taken me by surprise with his employer (Grafton Dynamos) and one great-grandfather was working for a reassuringly expected employer (Scottish Co-Operative Wholesale Society).

Thomas Hunter
William Armour

It was also so lovely to easily find 2 great-uncles and 1 great-aunt in 1921.

It was slightly more convoluted finding my fisherman great-grandfather in the 1921 Scotland census but really very straightforward and quick.

I knew from my gran that her birthplace in Buckpool was shared between 2 households and that’s exactly what the 1921 census shows.

In one half of the house, my 2 x great-grandparents (with my 2 x great-grandfather unexpectedly labouring for a local boatyard) with 2 of my 2 x great-uncles and my half great-uncle, and in the other half of the house, my great -grandparents who had married the previous year.

My great-grandfather is a self employed fisherman as expected but on the census schedule with the wrong first name (I’m really not surprised the census enumerator got confused).

Pictured are my great-grandparents outside the house that they were all living in in 1921.

James Murray and Margaret Cowie

Sources: 1921 census entries on the Scotland’s People website.

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