Remembrance Day 2018

This Remembrance Day, and especially on the centenary of the end of World War 1, I want to remember my 69 ancestors who died in service for their countries during both World Wars:

Private William Flett, 1868-1914, Royal Marine

Private Alexander Hunter, 1887-1914, Seaforth Highlanders

Private John Craig, 1897-1915 (Gallipoli), Royal Munster Fusiliers

Skipper James Garden, 1877-1915, Royal Naval Reserve

Second Hand John Garden, 1882-1915, Royal Naval Reserve

James McCauley, 1892-1915 (Gallipoli), Australian Imperial Force

James McCauley:

James John McAuley

Sergeant Samuel McGregor, 1882-1915, Royal Scots

Private Samuel McKail, 1892-1915 (Ypres), Royal Scots

Private William Stephen, 1893-1915, Seaforth Highlanders (2 of William’s brothers, James and Alexander, also lost their lives during World War 1)

William, James and Alexander Stephen:

Stephen family

Lieutenant James Urquhart, 1890-1915 (Loos), Northamptonshire Regiment

Engineman James Wood, 1895-1915, Royal Naval Reserve

Private James Wood, 1896-1915 (Somme), Seaforth Highlanders

Private William Barr, 1896-1916 (Somme), Highland Light Infantry

Private Alexander Doull, 1885-1916 (Somme), Seaforth Highlanders

Private John Gault, 1896-1916, Seaforth Highlanders

Private Alexander Mann, 1890-1916 (Somme), Canadian Expeditionary Force

Private Robert Miller, 1889-1916 (Somme), Canadian Expeditionary Force

Robert Miller:

Robert Miller

Petty Officer James Noble, 1878-1916, Royal Naval Reserve

Lance Corporal John Stephen, 1894-1916 (Iraq), Seaforth Highlanders

Private James Steven, 1894-1916 (Somme), Seaforth Highlanders

Sergeant John Stewart, 1894-1916 (Somme), Seaforth Highlanders

Private Thomas Wood, 1895-1916, King’s Own Scottish Borderers

Skipper William Wood, 1881-1916, Royal Naval Reserve

Rifleman David Bain, 1895-1917, King’s Own Rifle Corps

Trimmer James Bowie, 1896-1917, Royal Naval Reserve (died at same time as his brother John)

John and James Bowie:

John and James Bowie

Engineman John Bowie, 1887-1917, Royal Naval Reserve

Corporal John Campbell, 1882-1917 (Passchendaele), Canadian Expeditionary Force

Private William Cassie, 1897-1917 (Vimy Ridge), Canadian Expeditionary Force

William Cassie:

William Cassie

Private Andrew Creagh, 1897-1917, Australian Imperial Force

Andrew Creagh:

Andrew Creagh

Private George Donn, 1884-1917, The Royal Scots

Private David Findlay, 1887-1917 (Ypres), Australian Imperial Force

David Findlay:

David Findlay

Private John Hunter, 1889-1917, Australian Imperial Force

John Hunter:

John Hunter

Private George Main, 1893-1917 (Ypres), Seaforth Highlanders

Private John Mann, 1892-1917, Canadian Expeditionary Force

Rifleman David McIntosh, 1891-1917, New Zealand Expeditionary Force

Captain Gillies McKirdy, 1886-1917 (Somme), Bedfordshire Regiment

Private Alexander Stephen, 1888-1917 (Ypres), Machine Gun Corps

Sapper Alexander Walker, 1878-1917, Royal Engineers

Private Alexander Wood, 1885-1917 (Ypres), Gordon Highlanders

Able Seaman Alexander Wood, 1890-1917, Navy

Private Allan Campbell, 1897-1918, Labour Corps (Allan’s brother William died the same year in the Royal Engineers)

Private David Campbell, 1880-1918, South African Infantry

David Campbell:

David Campbell

Corporal William Campbell, 1891-1918 (Ypres), Royal Engineers

Lance Corporal Alexander Gault, 1897-1918, Seaforth Highlanders

Private Robert McIntosh, 1885-1918, New Zealand Expeditionary Force

Mate Joseph Murray, 1893-1918, Royal Naval Reserve

Skipper Peter Murray, 1870-1918, Royal Naval Reserve

Sergeant George West, 1893-1918 Lanarkshire Yeomanry

Lance Corporal John Bruce, 1908-1940 (Dunkirk), Royal Scots

John Bruce:

John Bruce

Second Hand John Cowie, 1904-1940, Royal Naval Reserve

Second Hand George Findlay, 1912-1940, Merchant Navy

Ordinary Seaman Douglas McLean, 1919-1940, Merchant Navy

Seaman Alexander Phimister, 1916-1940, Merchant Navy

Seaman Alexander Stewart, 1918-1940, Merchant Navy

Second Engineer Adam Findlay, 1896-1941, Merchant Navy

Chief Engineer John Findlay, 1910-1941, Merchant Navy

Seaman William Willox, 1918-1941, Merchant Navy

Wren Mary Cowie, 1920-1942, Women’s Royal Naval Service

Sapper George Cormack, 1894-1942 (Suez), South African Engineers Corps

Seaman Peter Cowie, 1917-1942, Merchant Navy

Skipper James Reid, 1912-1942, Royal Naval Reserve

Fusilier Benjamin Garden, 1889-1943, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers

Benjamin Garden:

Benjamin Garden

Flying Officer Ian Menzies, 1920-1943, RAF

Captain George Murray, 1888-1943 (Red Cross hospital ship torpedoed), Australian Merchant Navy

Flying Officer Ronald West, 1919-1943, RAF

Flying Officer Alexander Cowie, 1916-1944, RAF

Alexander Cowie:

Alexander Cowie

Sergeant James Findlay, 1922-1944 (Normandy), Gordon Highlanders

Seaman William Mair, 1921-1945, Royal Naval Reserve

Private James Silver, 1924-1945, US Army

James Silver:

James Silver

They shall not grow old as we that are left grow old
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them

Rest in peace my brave ancestors.

One thought on “Remembrance Day 2018

  1. A lot of effort has gone into this work. Well done. To all others, please send Jacqueline any info you have that MAY help with research.


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